Episode 4

Published on:

29th Jan 2024

BONUS: Easing into 2024

In this BONUS episode, I am sharing insights inspired by the response to the New Year's reflections episode.

I am encouraging you, high-achieving women to consider easing into the year, Emphasizing:

  • aligning goals with personal capacity
  • value of self awareness
  • fostering self compassion
  • embracing sustainable practices

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Welcome to the Breaking Up with Burnout podcast. I am your host, Tiffany Leader, clinical social worker and burnout coach with 14 years of experience in the mental health field and life experience with burnout. I'd like to say I'm in burnout recovery. This podcast is for you who are ready to reclaim your life, cancel hustle culture and put your wellbeing first and discover a joy filled life. This is your moment to find support, be encouraged, laugh a little.


and take a little nugget of wisdom that leads you out of burnout and into joy. I have chosen to not edit this podcast because I want to remove the barrier between you and I so that we can have an authentic connection. So you might hear me say ums, trip over my words, have awkward pauses, but it is for you to experience the real me and not an edited version so that we can authentically have a connection.


Take a deep breath, lean in, and open your heart and your mind to what you may need.


Welcome back to the Breaking Up with Burnout podcast with Tiffany Leader. I am Tiffany Leader, your host, clinical social worker, and burnout coach. This is a mini episode that was inspired by all of the engagement in my New Year's and redefining New Year's posts and podcasts. And the question that kept coming up that I was giving to other people was, what if we eased into the New Year?


instead of hitting the ground running. So often us as high achieving women, we have all these goals, all these things we want to accomplish, all these things we want to run after, which are great. But what happens is that when we hit the ground running, we run out of steam. We think it's a sprint, but the actuality of it, it's a marathon.


are looking at your goals for:


And then when we get to that day and we're like, it's not fine. And we start backpedaling and canceling everything. Do you relate to that? Cause I do. I actually just did that not too long ago because I have been sick for so long. That I was thinking, well, I'll be better in a week or so. So I started scheduling things out like my normal schedule that I could handle. And it was like, I got there and I couldn't do it. And I was like, I can't.


handle this and I knew that I couldn't and that it was okay. And I had so much love and self-compassion and kindness for myself that the inner critic was gone. And that is like a first for me. Normally it's somewhat there, but it was not there. I was just full of self-compassion. I was like, you know what, Tinami? You gotta take care of yourself. It's okay to cancel. People have grace for that. You can have grace for yourself for that.


to get better because you can't do this. You can't pursue your dreams. You can't run your business. You can't do any of this unless you are healthy. And so I canceled the appointments. I did all the things I needed to do so that I could take care of myself. So now, with the day that I'm recording this, I feel my best self. I haven't felt this way like.


I feel like in months because I have been on and off sick and I was just telling my husband this morning, I was like, it just feels good when the alarm goes off in the morning. Like I feel like I'm motivated and ready to get out of bed and start the day. That's been a long time since I have felt that way. I mean, even just yesterday I was like, I feel like death. I'm going back to sleep because normally we get up at the same time and he has to start work before I do.


And I have my whole routine, but I was like, I'm just coming back to sleep. And today I was like, you know what? I feel good. I'm going to get up. I'm going to read 15 minutes of a book that inspires me. Then I'm going to do a routine, my normal morning routine. I do my Bible reading and praying and all this other stuff and get my day going. So, um, when we are burned out, it's that like, oh, I want to go back to bed. Although I was sick. I wasn't burnt out yesterday.


Um, but when we burn out in a way of breaking up with burnout is supporting yourself so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and motivated. And so that's what I want to encourage you as you ease into the new year. And if you're hitting the ground running, just being aware of your pace. Self-awareness is what I'm coming to.


Just be aware of the pace, be aware of what your capacity is, and know when to stop. I think that's something that kept me in burnout is I didn't know when to stop. I kept thinking things were going to get better, and I just kept doing the same things, and it didn't get better. So I encourage you to stop, reevaluate, reflect, see how you're feeling about things, and then


Keep I said keep going at the pace that's gonna work for you because everybody's pace is different My pace is different from the next person From the next person so some people have a higher pace they have a higher running Rate where other people are slower, and it's not bad. It's not right or wrong it's just different because we're all made uniquely different and beautiful and wonderful in ourselves, so Okay


Guys, just my like mini chat encouragement about that is recognize your pace, ease into the new year, become so self-aware where you can stop quickly to support yourself, and let's go after the dreams, goals, and desires that you have for yourself in a way that provides sustainability and longevity in your life.


Thank you for listening to this mini episode of Breaking Up with Burn Out with Tiffany Leader. I hope that you got encouraged from this little encouragement that I'm giving to you. I would love to connect with you and continue this conversation. You can hit me up on the socials, Facebook, Instagram, you can email me. All this information will be in my show notes. I cannot wait to connect with you.


I also want to remind you that I have other ways of connecting like I have Tea Time with Tiffany on Wednesdays at 12 o'clock Central Time. It's a free community call. We can come just to take pressure off of the day-to-day activities and just have a moment where we can chat and talk about these different topics about taking care of yourself, preventing burnout and living your favorite life.

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